Rödsten ( redstone)


Redstone has a population of about 300 people,

most of whom work in the quarry. The aldeia is built

into the side of the 50-foot (15 m) escarpment at the

water’s edge, so the whole village is a sort of ramp

from riverbank to the level of the surrounding desert.

Most of the buildings, not surprisingly, are made of

bricks quarried from the area. Generally speaking, the

nicer, larger homes are near the top of the village, and

the roughest, smallest are near the water. The tower

of the Aeon Priest clave is at the very top, taller than

any other building in the community. Beyond it, into

the desert, lies the massive pit of the quarry.

Redstone is best known for the strange bricks

quarried from the earth near the village. The stone is

strong and resilient. Its real appeal is its appearance.

Not only is it bright red, but the material (which

in fact isn’t actually stone at all, but an artificial

substance) has a lattice of thin black lines running

through it. No matter how the stone is cut, these

lines always run perfectly perpendicular or parallel

to each other, and all angles are right angles. The

patterns are intricate and unnatural, but have no

obvious meaning.

Although the clave for all intents and purposes

“rules” the village, the wealthy elder of Redstone

is Corl Vehm, an older, extremely overweight man 

with a bald head and a wide smile. He manages the

town’s mundane affairs, and generally enjoys the

respect he is afforded for it.

Rödsten ( redstone)

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